Days of Our Lives Round Table: Should Maggie Be Told the Truth?

Sarah ran off with the baby, Victor continued to hide the truth from Maggie, Orpheus confronted Marlena, and Kayla made a decision between Steve and Justin this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics Jack Ori and Christine Orlando are joined by Stephanie from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate telling Maggie the truth, Marlena’s lack of self-defense, if Kristen is irredeemable and more!

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If Sarah plans to go on the run, should she have accepted Xander’s help?

Jack: She absolutely should have. Sarah has neither the resources nor the street smarts to pull this off. She’s already got a nosy, eccentric neighbor bothering her and once the cops swarm in she is going to have no clue what to do.

She might be angry right now that Xander is still capable of being underhanded, but that’s exactly what she needs if she wants any chance at success.

Stephanie: I would say yes and no. On the one hand, Xander has more resources than Sarah does and probably could actually keep her from getting caught longer. (Let’s be real. She will get caught eventually.)

On the other though, he’s the whole reason she’s in this mess in the first place. Even though he made her believe the baby was hers out of love, she never would have formed a bond with Rachel that is making it difficult to let her go if he had just told her the truth about Mickey from the start.

Christine: If she plans to keep the baby and run, then yes! She needs Xander. He’s got the dubious contacts she’ll need to get new identities and keep a step ahead of everyone who will be hunting them down.

Running isn’t the smartest plan, but if Sarah’s determined to go for it then there’s no one better than Xander. He’ll make it happen and keep them safe because, for all of his flaws, he loves Sarah and Mickey.

Should Maggie be told about Sarah’s baby having died due to the accident?

Jack: Of course she should. Will and Sonny shouldn’t have listened to Victor about this, especially after Sarah melted down because she learned about it from someone other than Xander.

If Maggie finds out some other way — and she will — the pain will be twice as bad as what Victor was trying to protect her from.

Stephanie: I think Maggie should be told, and the sooner, the better. No matter how hard Victor tries, he’s not going to be able to keep this a secret from her forever.

Sooner or later, Rachel will be returned to Brady and Kristen, and then Maggie will rightfully be wondering what happened to Mickey.

Unless Victor plans to take another baby and somehow force Sarah into raising her without telling her mother what’s really going on, this secret is all but out now.

Christine: I love how much Victor loves Maggie and wants to protect her, but this plan has been horribly flawed from the start.

He needs to figure out a way to tell Maggie personally, so that she has him there when she finds out. We all know she’s going to find out and probably from the worst possible person at the worst possible time.

Orpheus is back in Salem and is terrorizing Marlena. What should she do about it?

Jack: Learn basic self-defense, first of all, which she should have done a long time ago since there’s always someone terrorizing her. Things like NOT ANSWERING THE DOOR when the bad guy comes to it might help her immensely.

She might also want to invest in an alarm system since she lives in a posh penthouse and is the target of every lunatic in Salem. Also, the police should be informed of this latest problem.

Stephanie: Marlena needs to take some self-defense classes and learn how to protect herself when John isn’t around. Or at the very least, she needs to start wearing one of those protective necklaces that allows her to push a button and alert authorities when she’s in danger.

Marlena has been kidnapped and terrorized by so many people that it’s definitely time for her to start learning ways to defend herself!

Christine: How about getting a damned peephole or a camera doorbell so she can see who is on the other side of the door before she opens it, especially when she knows there’s a madman out there stalking her.

Marlena is so helpless it’s infuriating. She opened the door and just let Orpheus walk right in. Then her best line of defense was to lie and say that John was in the bedroom.

This woman has been getting kidnapped since the early ’80s. You’d think she’d come up with a better game plan by now.

Was Justin wrong to tell Steve about the things he did as Stefano? Was Steve wrong to make the decision to end their relationship for Kayla?

Jack: I think it slipped out in anger, but once Justin said Steve had hurt Kayla, he had no choice but to tell him.

However, Steve’s decision to end the relationship because of things Stefano did while Steve was not in control of his mind or body makes no sense. Steve and Hope should be chatting with Marlena about this, not each other.

Stephanie: I don’t think Justin was wrong to tell Steve about what he did. Yes, he wasn’t the ideal candidate for the job considering that he is currently in a relationship with Kayla, but I didn’t get the sense that he was doing it as a way of keeping Kayla for himself.

Instead, I felt he was doing it as a way of protecting Kayla since he knows how badly Steve has hurt her several times in the past.

I agree with Steve’s choice to let Kayla be with Justin for the sake of finally being able to have a safe and stable life, she still should have been the one to have the final say in whether or not she was going to return to him or not.

While I think he was trying to be noble, he also came off as controlling when he made the choice for her and gave her no say in the matter.

Christine: I don’t think Justin intended to break that news to Steve but the conversation got heated and once it slipped out about Steve hurting Kayla, he couldn’t exactly hide the rest. It was Steve I was furious with.

I was glad to see Kayla was furious too. Steve could have peddled back his big push to win her back by telling her he understands she’s been through a lot and he’ll abide with whatever decision she makes.

That would have respected her feelings and choices. Steve has done this before. He decides what’s best for Kayla and then he makes the decisions. It’s not noble, it’s controlling, arrogant, and selfish.

5.Kristen stabbed Victor. Does this make her irredeemable? Will Brady forgive her? Will she ever have custody of Rachel?

Jack: This makes the writers irredeemable. All we get are stories about how women become violent when they don’t get their way and call it “mental illness.” That’s disgusting.

As for Kristen, what was the point of her spending a year in a convent after Haley’s death if she’s just going to do the same thing all over again? I was enjoying her redemption arc. This was a stupid and unnecessary backslide.

This is Salem, where Ben killing three people is somehow more forgivable than Aiden lying to Hope about when he got under Dimera control. So of course Brady will forgive Kristen. T

hey’ll probably be the next ones to go on the run together. In any case, I’m sure she won’t do any jail time and will be reunited with her baby at some point. 

They’ll probably be the next ones to go on the run together. In any case, I’m sure she won’t do any jail time and will be reunited with her baby at some point.

Stephanie: I don’t think Kristen’s actions necessarily make her irredeemable since Victor committed a major wrong against her and Brady. However, I believe that there will be major consequences for them.

Brady will most likely forgive her since he is angry with Victor too, but, more than likely, stabbing Victor will now keep her from being able to raise her daughter.

While I understand why she did what she did, I still wish she hadn’t because now she is making me doubt that she really has changed enough to actually be capable of being a good mother to her daughter.

Christine: I’ll say this. If someone stole my child I’d want them dead too. But they spent the last year redeeming Kristen to give her the chance to be a good mother. What was the point of this?

But no one in Salem is ever irredeemable. Ben killed three people and we’re supposed to view him as a romantic hero now so it wouldn’t surprise me if all is somehow forgiven and Kristen eventually gets custody of her daughter.

Which storyline has you the most bored?

Jack: Ben and Ciara’s constant love fest. These two don’t do anything but have sex.

Ben working for a guy who looks like Stefan will hopefully change that, but sheesh.

I also have no interest in who is CEO of Dimera and I’m tired of Gabi’s constant whining and throwing tantrums. Everyone should follow Tony’s example and just ignore her.

Stephanie: Lately, all of them. Everything seems repetitive. Too many people have been micro-chipped within the last several months, Gabi is on the verge of hatching another revenge plot due to CEO battles round three, and Ben and Ciara spend too much time in bed.

The only story I’ve had a somewhat consistent interest in is Sarah and Xander’s relationship and the baby switch, but even that has grown a little stale with Sarah making the classic soap decision to kidnap the baby who she can’t bear to give up.

Christine: Gabi and Julie sniping at one another was so boring. We’ve been down that road so many times.

And then the constant squabbles over who should be CEO of Dimera Enterprises. If the company, Chad, Abigail, and Gabi all disappeared tomorrow I wouldn’t care. 

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Jack: There’s no words for how much I loved Tony turning his back on Gabi and going on with his conversation with Chad as if she wasn’t in the room. Brady’s response to her insisting she saw Stefan was funny too.

Runners-up: Kayla telling Steve he doesn’t get to make decisions for her and Xander pleading with Sarah to let him help her, especially this: www.tvfanatic.com/quotes/when-i-said-my-wedding-vows-i-told-you-that-you-make-me-a-better/

Stephanie: I liked Steve and Hope having a chance to chat about the things they did while they were micro-chipped. No one else will be able to understand it the way they do.

I’m glad that they have each other to lean on when they are feeling guilty about the things they did while they were in that state. It was the type of scene I didn’t expect to see on this show, so it gets points for being unique.

Christine: I felt so much for Justin and Kayla. Kayla is so torn up because she loves both Justin and Steve, and although she knows Steve didn’t leave her of his own accord, he has left her before.

Whereas Justin loves Kayla but he doesn’t want to be her consolation prize. It’s a heartbreaking situation for all of them and I’m enjoying watching it.

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