Absentia Season 3 Episode 6 Review: In Quo Ego Vado Vos

Cal and Emily’s relationship took a surprising turn, Nick took a chance in the hopes of finding an escape, and Warren and Flynn hid out while preparing to deal with a scary world Absentia Season 3 Episode 6.

Will they all survive and end up back together again?

Although Warren and Flynn seemed safest, I was concerned that Warren didn’t have Flynn shut off his cell phone until after they got to the farmhouse.

Isn’t that a little too late? If they were being tracked before he shut it down, wouldn’t that phone have led them to this location?

I hope I’m wrong because the one thing that would destroy Emily is losing Flynn. 

I was proud of Flynn when he said guns weren’t his thing. Most teenage boys would be eager to pick up a firearm and learn how to use it.

But Flynn’s life has been marred by violence for years, so a weapon doesn’t hold the cool factor it might for a more naive kid. 

Flynn: I just don’t want to be scared anymore.
Warren: The world can be a scary place. Sometimes you just have to confront it head-on. I have, your mom has, someday you will too. You’re a part of this tribe, Flynn. Don’t ever doubt that, or yourself.

But after seeing his Mom’s prowess with the bow and arrow in those photos, Flynn may have found his niche.

I’m sure Warren will be thrilled to teach him and, given the prevalence of threats in their lives, there’s little doubt that the skill will eventually come in handy.

As long as Flynn doesn’t have to use it on that wolf.  

The wolf watching Flynn was probably as surprised to see the teen as Flynn was to see him. It appears no one has lived on that property for years, and the animal probably crosses it frequently and never sees a soul. 

It looked as though he was watching Flynn with curiosity instead of viewing him as a threat or prey. 

Or since Emily is such a lone wolf, maybe this was a representation of her spirit animal keeping watch over her son. 

Speaking of Emily, she’s found a partner in more ways than one. 

When Cal shared his story about killing the teen in the Middle East, he clearly trusted Emily with the worst parts of himself.

Cal: We did a lot of bad things that year and when I came home I couldn’t relate to the real world. All these people with normal lives. I was like this alien monster who had done horrible things that no one knew about. So I made a choice; live like an outsider for the rest of my life, or try and connect with humanity even though I’d lost my own.
Emily: How did you do that?
Cal: By recognizing that everyone has a monster inside them but not everyone gets to see theirs. I got a good look at mine and I put a wall around it. I locked that monster away.

Emily feels as though she’s found a kindred, broken spirit in Cal. When she initiated their physical relationship, I assumed it was just sex, simply a release for all of their pain.

But then Emily whispered to Cal that she loved him and I was blown away. 

Thankfully, Emily seems more emotionally stable than when she was with Tommy, and she and Cal feel as though they are on more equal footing. 

Emily and Cal work well together, but it’s unclear how that will transfer over to their personal lives. Emily quitting the FBI may make things easier for them personally, although I have no idea what Emily will do next professionally. 

Also, I don’t see how she can date Cal and still live with her ex-husband. That seems awkward! 

But all of that is assuming Cal survives their latest mission, and that Cal isn’t the mole. 

When Cal asked Emily if she had Kai’s files, my heart sunk. Yes, it makes sense that he’d ask now that they’re more closely working together, but it still left me with a sick feeling in my stomach.

Because if Cal ends up being a traitor, I don’t know how Emily will be able to trust another human soul ever again. 

Trust was in short supply back at the FBI too.

Michelle: God, I hate that place. All those people and their secrets. You should have left when I asked you to.
Julianne: If I could go back there’s a lot of things I’d do differently. I’m sorry. Thank you for being so loyal. I didn’t appreciate that enough when I had the chance.

Michelle was quick to run to Julianne after her run-in with Crowne, and it does show her loyalty to her ex-girlfriend. 

When Michelle chastized Crowne for no one at the office knowing about Julianne’s mother’s death, I desperately wanted to point out that it was Gunnarson’s decision not to share that with anyone. 

It’s wrong to blame people for not caring if you never give them the chance to do so. 

I’m still unsure about Julianne. Being the one in charge can be a delicate line to walk, and I understood the impulse to lash out at Crowne for digging into her personal life. 

But was she really as contrite as she tried to sound when she later apologized? I hope so, but I’m not convinced. 

And throughout all of this, Nick’s captors changed tactics from psychological to physical torture. 

Has it ever occurred to them that Nick might not have Kai’s files or know how to access them? Or is it better for Nick that they still believe he’s holding out?

If they think Nick knows nothing, they could strip his body for organs and dump him in some corner of the world where he might never be found. 

Will Nick switching places with another prisoner increase his chances of survival or make them worse? 

Emily and Cal were so close to finding Nick, but if the complex had been fully manned, could they have gotten Nick out and gotten away? That would have been a serious challenge, even for them. 

But with the prisoners moved, will they be able to track Nick, espeically since his own captors may not know where he’s heading after his impromptu line swap?

It’s anyone’s guess as we move onto Absentia Season 3 Episode 7!

First, tell me, do Emily and Cal have what it takes to be a long-term couple, or are they doomed?

Will Nick’s move help or hurt his chances of escape?

And are Warren and Flynn sitting ducks out on the farm? 

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