Absentia Season 3 Episode 8 Review: Veritas Aequitas

Nick Durand is a good man. 

After everything he’s been through up to Absentia Season 3 Episode 8, you would think he’d be begging to get back home.

But despite being physically and psychologically tortured, Nick wasn’t thinking about himself. 

He was thinking about those kids trying to survive in the woods because their parents had been abducted and thrown into what was supposed to be a refugee camp. 

Nick knew that some of their parents were likely already dead and that the fate of the others was to have their bodies cut open and their organs sold off to the highest bidder. 

Nick couldn’t just go home and live his life and turn his back on that. Not even after getting to talk to Flynn to tell him he loved him. 

Emily: I promised Flynn I would bring you home.
Nick: I know but if it was Flynn, if it was Flynn out here, I’d hope someone would do the same for him.

Nick’s reaction to hearing his son’s voice was almost as powerful as his sobs when he realized that Emily had come to save him. 

But can Nick and Emily save those prisoners by themselves? 

I have to believe that Cal is on their side, whether Emily believes it or not. 

Cal didn’t expect to end up impersonating a guard at that prison camp. When Emily ditched him on the side of the road without a weapon but wearing that uniform, Cal had little choice but to make the best of it. 

His only goal at the prison seemed to be to take out Armstrong, but with Emily unconscious, I’m hoping Cal’s plans have changed. 

Elliot, aka the Gardner, is a horror show. I think Dawkins possesses more of a soul than Elliot does. He didn’t give a damn about the nurse, and most scientists probably exhibit more empathy towards lab mice than he does towards those refugees. 

I’d like to say I’m sorry for this but that would be a lie.


However, I am curious to disover the nature of Meridian’s experiments, as it seems it may have to do with more than organ harvesting. 

When Emily and Nick stumbled upon that mass grave, I wondered how many of those kids’ parents were dumped into it and how many more mass graves are out there. 

At least they know the FBI and Interpol are sending a team, but with Meridian already moving and killing the prisoners, will it be too late?

It was interesting that Emily chose Crowne as the one person she trusted to call at the FBI, but with Nick and Cal gone, I suppose that makes some sense. 

And thank goodness they decided to make that call because if they hadn’t, help would have never arrived. 

Crowne was stunned to hear Nick’s voice on the other end of the line, and even more shocked to learn that he had spoken with Agent Thompson the previous night. 

It didn’t take long for Crowne to figure out who was in the office when Nick and Emily’s files were accessed, and who was there when Thompson got that phone call. 

Gunnarsen was absolutely right. You don’t accuse someone as high up as Director Webb of being a traitor unless you have irrefutable proof, and the coincidence of him being in the office at the right time isn’t enough. 

How will they investigate Webb when he’s the one in charge? It wouldn’t surprise me if Julianne will have to use her personal connection with him to lay a trap.

This being a show that frequently throws us curve balls, I have to wonder if either Crowne or Gunnarsen could be setting Webb up to look like the traitor when it’s really one of them.

Gunnarsen: Off the top of your head, any suspects come to mind?
Crowne: Who isn’t one at this point?

Back out at the farmhouse, Flynn worried about his grandfather and called Jack. As much as I understood why he did that, and why Jack drove out to check on them, I knew it spelled their doom.

Warren, as a retired cop, is adept at spotting and evading a tail, but Jack surely isn’t, especially one as cagey as Dawkins. 

But what is Dawkins’ plan? To grab Flynn and then go and try to find Emily, or to sit and wait until she calls? 

I’m hoping that Flynn, Warren, and Jack can somehow defeat Dawkins before Emily even knows he’s at the farmhouse because she and Nick have enough to handle right now. 

I’m also rooting for Dawkins’ demise to involve a bow and arrow, the wolf, and that old well, but we’ll have to wait and see. As a side note, why wasn’t that well properly marked and capped years ago? An old, open, well is a huge safety hazard. 

So what do you think, Absentia fans? 

Will Cal eventually team up with Nick and Emily to free those refugees and takedown Meridian?

Are Elliot’s experiments about organ harvesting, or is there something even more sinister going on here?

Will Flynn, Jack, and Warren be able to save themselves without Emily and Nick’s help?

And is Director Webb the mole, and if so, can Crowne and Gunnarsen expose him and take him down without ruining their careers or losing their lives?

Only two more episodes to go!

Before we head on to Absentia Season 3 Episode 9, hit that BIG, BLUE, SHOW COMMENTS BUTTON down below to share your answers for the mystery of Absentia.

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