90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Review: Kenmando Reunited and It Feels So GOOOOOD!

If you can’t say anything about these batch of individuals, it’s that they’ll do anything for love.

Of course, some of them will do more than others from what we saw on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 Episode 8.

The hour gave us some confirmation about Sumit’s divorce procedure, another emotionally fraught experience with Brittany and Yazan, and the highly-anticipated reunion between Kenny and Armando.

Big Boys Don’t Cry

After the latest run-in with Deavan, and the unfortunate translation that causes them more harm than good, Jihoon went literally crying to his mom about the state of his marriage and all that quarter-life crisis angst.

All joking aside, Jihoon isn’t a bad guy. He’s a bit misguided, immature, and irresponsible, but he carries the bulk of the blame for every aspect of his relationship with Deavan, and it’s not necessarily fair.

I think I’ve been living my life all wrong.


He screwed up in so many ways, but it was hard not to sympathize with the man as he wept about his $30, 000 debt and his embarrassment over taking a loan from his parents, all while his mother swung between enabling and excusing him and telling him to stop crying like a little bitch.

I mean, no, she didn’t specifically say it, but it was implied.

Jihoon is irresponsible with money, and his mother needs to tell him to get it together instead of claiming that Korean men are just like that, but you can maybe understand why a guy saddled with that much debt is in a perpetual state of “eff it.”

He and Deavan are long overdue for a sit-down where they have a real conversation about finances. Maybe they can pay a real translator in whatever the hell Jihoon delivers on the side since neither of them has enough money for a salary.

Resting Bitch Face

Cheese stick, with his collection of plaid shirts, is happily on his way to Columbia in hopes of making things right Melyza, and that poor cat is being dragged on that long-ass flight just to share space with two pooches who aren’t even in a doghouse as much as Tim.

The shift from Timmy was welcome, but then, so was more insight into their relationship from Melyza. Out of many of the couples in this franchise, Tim and Melyza could have a beautiful story if not for him sticking his mini-cheese stick where it didn’t belong.

Melyza, despite her admitted resting bitch face, genuinely had feelings for Tim and thought he would be the man she was going to marry.

They’ve dated for years. She had no idea she’d fall for a semi-dashing Gringo.

Melyza was flabbergasted when Tim cheated. It seemed uncharacteristic for him, but she’s also genuine in wanting to give him another chance.

Her mom, on the other hand, not so much, but moms are good that way. Tim’s biggest obstacle will be ever getting Melyza’s mom to forgive him.

She seemed like a hard sell and someone you don’t want to piss off. To her mother, Tim moving to Colombia after what he did is the least he can do, so Señor Queso better come correct.

Sorry, I Didn’t Show; I Didn’t Want to Come

The good news for Jenny is that it put her at ease when she spent some time at the lawyer’s office with Sumit.

Bless her heart, she asks a lot of questions and jumps to the worst-case scenarios before listening. Still, in her defense, Sumit’s lawyer didn’t need to tell her about how most divorces in India can take 2-5 years or more when their situations weren’t the same as her and Sumit’s.

They don’t hand papers and documentation out in India about divorces during the first stage because of privacy laws or something. Fair enough, but the second stage of the divorce could happen in another five months.

And then the process of her getting registered for marriage can start, and whether Jenny realized it or not, the process is long if you remove the cute month interval breakdowns.

But the next obstacle is Sumit’s family. They are not about this Jenny nonsense, and if they want, they can stop the wedding from happening. They only need a sound reason.

Naive Jenny thinks that they don’t have anything on her to justify opposing a marriage, but this is a different country. The simple fact that, in their eyes, she played hopscotch with Jesus as a child is enough to put their foot down.

This is happening. We are together.


Sumit’s family and friends won’t let him and Jenny be great. Jenny was so excited to meet the wives of Sumit’s friends. It’s moments like that when you remember that she’s in a new country by herself and doesn’t know anyone.

All Jenny wanted was some girlfriends, but the ladies are shunning Sumit for his decision to marry “a grandma.” Jenny took like a champ, though.

Reunited and It Feels So Goooooooood

And no, I’m not only talking about the hot sexytimes Kenny was being coy about after his first night in his new home in Mexico with Armando.

Although both of them couldn’t stop grinning. Go them!

No, I’m talking about how adorable it was to see the two of them hug and sit-down for a meal together after the long journey, both literal and metaphorical, for both of them to get here.

Armando made Kenny dinner and had his “Welcome Home” banner up. The cuteness is too much!

But Kenny with the Culture Shock is going to be a ride. The whiny American really jumped out, and Armando was a saint for dealing with him. In the same vein as the sassy older guy ribbing Kenny at the restaurant, Kenny, babe, how do you think you’re going to live in Mexico and not speak Spanish?

You’ve made my dream come true.
Armando; You made mine.


His Spanish is pretty damn atrocious for someone who previously lived in a state where Spanish is so prevalent. He looked at the server as if she had two heads when she was describing dishes to him.

Kenny was blinded by the love of it all, but now the reality is sinking in that he moved from his comfortable life in Florida to a different style of living in Mexico. Please, let him adjust fast because an uncomfortable Kenny is a lot to deal with.

Armando is patient with him, so that’s a good thing, especially since Kenny will probably have to be patient with Armando regarding the whole being “Out” in Mexico and with his family situation.

Kenmando is the saving grace couple of this season, so we’ll have to keep the faith.

Temper Tantrums, Tears, and Ticking Time Bombs

Brittany pitched another hissy fit in the car on their way to her apartment, and by now, it’s overkill. Does anyone feel bad for Brittany?

She’s been to Jordan before, but now she’s acting as if all of this is new to her.

She knows she’s dating a Muslim man, but she resents him for his religion and values. She’s always hollering about being an American and wants respect because of it, but she consistently disrespects and diminishes the culture of the country in which she resides.

She threw a tantrum about all the things she doesn’t understand, but she also hasn’t made an effort to comprehend anything, which is one of the reasons Yazan’s parents were critical of her in the first place.

Her explosive outbursts are usually a tactic to deflect from something (like the fact that she STILL hasn’t told him about her divorce not getting finalized) or get Yazan to comfort her instead of the two of them having conversations and sorting through their issues.

Yazan setting the apartment up for her was sweet, but rose petals down a hallway, leading to the bedroom with heart-shaped roses on the bed does usually mean “Bow-chika-wow-wow” time, so you can understand why Brittany thought he was staying over.

I don’t want to ever see your parents again. I’m done!


Which brings up the question, have they had sex before? Is Yazan putting on a show now because of the two of them being filmed and the chances that his parents will find out?

Brittany keeps alluding to how unhappy and trapped Yazan must feel because of his culture and religion, and it seems rather presumptuous and offensive.

She’s also of the mind that she doesn’t want to see Yazan’s parents again and that he’ll have to choose between her and them. Since this is the same woman who proclaimed that her goal was to “corrupt” him, she’s probably serious about all of that.

Either way, these two are not compatible.

I dont have nobody here. Nobody here cares about me!


Over to you, 90 Day Fiance fanatics! Are Brittany and Yazan sending each other mixed messages? Will Kenny have a hard time adapting to Mexico?

Should Melyza forgive Tim? Do you feel bad for Jihoon? Hit the comments below!

You can watch 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way online here via TV Fanatic. 

Jasmine Blu is a senior staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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